Don’t quit your day job

Most people are extremely negative nowadays.  Is it really that bad that the unemployment rate is more than uncomfortably high for recent graduates? Or that we can be expecting to pay our college loans until to we begin our then-most-likely-nonexistent medicare stage of life? Or that our only inkling of an actual paying job could possibly begin with an internship that leads to another internship that leads to another, which all inevitably end with a slap on the back and your boss’s affirmation: “Good luck, kid.”

No need to worry! When life seems impossible and you are living off your measly day job which pays just slightly above minimum wage (thank God for that 15 cent raise!), you don’t need to start contemplating taking on another $100 grand loan for grad school, or finding a night time job as a security guard. All you need to do is pack up your debt, your useless English degree, and your last semblance of dignity, and find a new country that surely won’t reject you as fervently as this one does! After all, the old adage can’t be more applicable than now: when you have nothing, you have nothing left to lose!

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